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Headed For A Breakdown Video

I often end up using Love’s themes in my songs whether they are comedic or tragic in nature.   "Headed For A Breakdown" is certainly the former.  However clever I think I am, I know this girl is always couple steps ahead, and as I follow her, I can only be headed for a breakdown...

I play the fool in this song.  Which character are you?



Shell Beach, CA  5.31.10

If you closed your eyes and imagined the crowd shot at our show in Shell Beach CA, it would look like this...



Saint Cecilia Video / Free Song Download!

Dear Lovely People,

Here's a free download of our new song, Saint Cecilia, recorded live on "In Session"!  In an effort to share our music with everyone, we want to enlist your help in giving this song to as many people online as possible. We appreciate you more than words can express, and are very aware that our ability to continue making music depends upon your support.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1.       Watch the video of Saint Cecilia and post in the blog thread what you think of the new song and about the first time you heard of the Damon Castillo Band!

2.       Share this post with all of your friends online via Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogs, etc.  In your share message, please feel free to encourage your friends to check out the Damon Castillo Band and download Saint Cecilia for free!  Just click the share link to get started.

3.       Click “Get it Now" on the video player and enter your email address to receive the song!


New Photos From Hermosa Beach

We always have a good time when we play Saint Rocke.  This time, Kip Terry documented it.  Check out the shots HERE!


"That Ain't Love" live on "In Session"

Our acoustic version of "That Ain't Love" filmed at Signature Sounds in San Diego for "In Session"!  It features the band plus our good friend, Mr. Jordan Katz on trumpet and Larry throwing down on an outro solo!